Florida SR22/FR44 Form and Filing
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Form SR-22 and FR-44 are submitted (filed) by the insurance company to Florida's Bureau of Financial  
Responsibility. The submissions are transmitted electronically. 15 days is the allowable time for the insurance
company to file the forms after a policy begins. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will not reinstate an
operators license until the electronic filing has been received. Companies are required to notify the Bureau if a
policy with an SR22 or an FR44 is cancelled.

To complete either form the required information is essentially the same. Policyholder information includes name,
address, driver license number, and birth date. The insurance company information necessary is name, NAIC code,
policy number, MVR case number, and the policy effective date. Additional information indicates which type of two
policies is selected. An owner's policy with year, make model and
VIN of all vehicles registered and insured. Or an
operator's policy applicable to any vehicle not registered or titled to the listed person. Authorized representative
signature and date prepared completes the forms.

In October of 2007 Florida passed legislation to replace form SR-22 with
Form FR-44 for DUI drivers only.
Both form filings are only acceptable on a Florida insurance policy. A $15.00 fee is included with the cost of a policy
for the filing. Multiple SR-22s and FR44s or an FR-44 and an SR-22 are not issued on the same driver.
A new FR-
44 filing will replace an existing SR-22 on the same driver.

The Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles Website explains that the only function of the Bureau of
Financial Responsibility is to make certain drivers take responsibility for their dealings involving motor vehicles. The
Bureau checks canceled
insurance polices for registered vehicles. For non-compliant vehicle owners their license
and registration will be suspended. The only way to avoid this is to maintain the minimum mandatory PIP insurance
during the entire registration period. The Bureau also helps consumers recover money for bodily injuries from at
fault drivers who do not have adequate Bodily Injury Liability coverage limits.

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