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The least amount of coverage limits to satisfy the law is $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 of
Property Damage Liability (PD). There aren’t any choices to make with the PD that can lower your cost, but, there is
coverage can be eliminated. Also, the options can be applied to the policyholder or to all household residents.
When you
raise deductibles and lower coverages your quote is going to be less.

Insurance must be continuously maintained during the vehicle registration period. Proof of insurance is verified
each registration period. Drivers must carry proof of insurance in the car. Failure to abide by the regulation will get
vehicle registration and driver license suspended. Reinstatement fees aren’t cheap and range any where from
$150 to $500 bucks.

Once you purchase a PIP policy it can’t be cancelled in the first 60 days unless coverage is replaced or the vehicle
license plate and registration is suspended. Some companies will not provide PIP coverage unless Bodily Injury
Liability (BI) is included. Sometimes adding this coverage will actually
lower the overall cost of a policy. The PIP
coverage is required to be placed by a Florida insurance company with a Florida licensed agent.

Lots of drivers want this type of coverage in the interest of spending as little as possible on car insurance. However,
there are many others that want and can afford a greater amount of coverage. Some drivers are
required to file an
SR 22 for accidents or tickets proving liability insurance limits of at least 10/20/10. Since October of 2007,
Florida DUI drivers are required to file an FR 44 with its increased Bodily Injury Liability limits of 100/300/50.

Another very important factor when looking for a stripped down no frills policy to pay the least amount are finance
charges. Customers generally
receive a lower insurance quote when they pay the premium in full. This is often not
possible, especially for people leaning toward the least amount of protection because of budget constraints. Many
companies offer payment plans with installment fees added that are not to expensive. Watch out for companies
utilizing a third party finance company as this is the most expensive way to spread out payments.

Regardless of the type of coverage you want or are required to have its good to know as much as you can about
what you’re getting. For drivers who are new or are just now getting serious about saving money the best thing to
do is to
learn the basics of Florida car insurance first. The auto insurance contract with its different coverage
options and discounts that save money means the price you pay can vary greatly.

Unfortunately for too many drivers it’s an accident or other mishap that prompts a careful and more informed
approach to car insurance. The classic example of this is when a
Florida SR-22 insurance form or a Florida Fr-44
insurance form needs to be completed with its increased required liability limits to get a license reinstated. The best
time to know you have good insurance in effect, with adequate coverage, is before something happens.